Monday, February 20, 2012

What they are up to…

JD2 is our little Super-Cowboy, as he likes to call himself and has been trotting all over the house saving everyone from danger with his trusty horse, foam sword, and daddy’s screwdriver!  He's our little hero!
AN5 continues to LOVE basketball and is doing very well.  She also thinks that gymnastics would be fun but when given the choice between the two, she chose basketball for now. As usual, AN5 is perceived to be older than she is but she is quite happy playing with the other 5 year olds!
JB7 had her second Gymnastics meet yesterday.  At her first meet, she came in 3rd overall and yesterday she came in 2nd overall in her level.  She is having a great time with this sport!  Its an encouraging atmosphere and all participants go home with ribbons for each event, so its great fun for all!  JB7 is in Level 1, where they are mostly learning body control, balance, and basic moves for future levels. 

And Baby #4 is about 3 months along.  AN5 thinks we should call the baby “Uncle Bill Boy” until he/she arrives.  That just makes me smile.  What blessings our children are!

my beautiful blessings


  1. Congrats on baby # 4!! How exciting!!

  2. Congratulations! Children are definitely a blessing. :) I have 2 nieces, a nephew, and a nephew and a niece or nephew on the way. What a gift from God! :)

  3. Okay, how much does the gymnastics portion of this adventure cost? ;)