Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Valentine's for the Troops, Works-for-Me-Wednesday


As one of our homeschool projects at the Family Forest Academy, the girls made Valentines to send to the military troops.  At the time, our local radio station was collecting them and mailing them out.   At this point, it is probably to late to mail out cards for Valentine's Day, however in the spirit of love and thoughtfulness at Valentine's, one could consider "adopting a solider" through Hugs for Our Soldiers 

2-69 AR, 3rd PLT, D CO

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  1. Hi Jennifer. It is so wondereful to "meet" you. Thank you for your perspective on my post yesterday. Certain aspects of homeschool really speak to my heart, but here in South Africa it is not nearly as established as it is in your country. You guys seem to have such a great support structure. I'm keeping my heart open though to hear what God is saying to me. I am also so excited to follow your blog. Already such a lovely idea you just posted. Looking forward to many more "chats". Janine

  2. Its great to meet you as well, Janine! Homeschooling can be a lonely experience at times but in the end, I dont think we will ever regret it! I am so glad that we've connected, from one homeschool mom to another... a little encouragement can be priceless! Praying that you will have an extra measure of strength, grace, and joy as you go about your day today!