Sunday, February 6, 2011

A look into our lives with Snapshot Sunday

This morning we rose with the sun,
the way that families with small children do,
and discovered that we are indeed snowed in once again! 


This has been a very big week for our eldest daughter who has lost her first tooth!  Though we have never told our children that the tooth fairy is real, they have had a tremendous amount of fun formulating ideas as to how the dollar appeared under her pillow and how the little baby tooth disappeared in her sleep!


In the last couple of weeks, we learned that our youngest has multiple food allergies.  So we have spent a great deal of time this week researching and learning about the world of nut and egg allergies.

JD with chicks

As a homeschool family we have the luxury to choose which days we have school and which ones we do not.  Yesterday was declared Saturday-Art-Day at the Family Forest Academy!



We studied Robert Vonnoh, American, 1858-1933
"In Flanders Field-Where Soldiers Sleep and Poppies Grow"
In Flanders Field-Where Soldiers Sleep and Poppies Grow

One doesn’t have to look far to see the majestic works of His hands.  As I watched the sun rise I praised God for the splendor of His creation, on this classic New England winter morning.


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  1. Wow. That's a ton of snow! Stay warm. :)

    Marla @

  2. That first picture could have been taken from my New England kitchen window! And yes, we have been blessed with a lot of snow :)

  3. Can't imagine home-schooling . . . you must have a lot of patience and energy! Looks like you all are having fun, though!

  4. My youngest son had really bad food allergies to peaches. We didn't know it until he ate fruit cocktail at daycare. He went into anaphy'lactic shock and the ER told me if I would have been 5 minutes later getting him there he would have died. Very scary. So we had to carry an Epi-Pen everywhere. BTW I'm Ellie, one of your Blogging Buddies and I hope to stop and ccomment daily on everyone's blog.
    ALso I grabbed your button :-)
    Have a GREAT day,

  5. Toothless Annie LOL. Love it. That was always a fun time for me. Just stopping in to say hi.

    Hope you are having a great week,


  6. Thanks for visiting BK, Ellie, and Sonja!

  7. I just gave you a blog award. ;-)

  8. Hey!
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