Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Have you ever read Gary Chapman's book The Five Love Languages?  You know the one that explains how most people have a primary love language that they use to express and understand love?  Great Book.

I have learned that my husband is an Acts of Service kind of guy.  He expresses his love by "taking care of things."  He will take out the garbage, change the oil in the car, cut some firewood, shovel the driveway, or occasionally he will even do the dishes!  All things that I deeply appreciate, but never recognized as "love."  My two primary love languages are Words of Affirmation and Quality Time, see the humor?  While Dan was attempting to demonstrate his love,  I just felt like he was always too busy to spend time with me! 
Ironic and a little daft, I know.

Since then, we have discussed this and laughed about it, many times.  I now know that having supper ready when he gets home, having a clean house for him, packing his lunches, putting away his clean clothes, and filling the car up with gas, etc, speak volumes of love to him!  So I try my best to remember to do these things for him.  And he does his best to remember to slow down and just sit with me once and while...  And on a good day, he might even throw in a compliment or two!

So whats your love language?  Which love language best fits the love of your life? How have these worked together in your relationship?  Any interesting stories around this? 

To take the Love Languages Personal Profile Assessment for both you and your spouse and to learn more about love languages check it out HERE!  

Can't wait to hear your story!
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I wasn't sure how I would find an appropriate picture to go along with this post.  But then I remembered this one.  This is my husband "helping" our daughter with her AWANA project and I SO appreciated it! 


  1. I am SOOO lucky to still be crazy in love after 19 years of marriage. My husband and I both consider ourselves very fortunate!

  2. Stopping in with daily comment love also please stop by my blog and claim your award.
    Congrats and enjoy!!!

  3. I think most men are more Acts of Service kind of guys. I think most are probably NOT Words of Affirmation. Funny that we love them anyway.

  4. Well Lisa, it looks like we have even more in common! I often think that words of affirmation is probably the easiest love language to "adapt" to. I mean really, it seems a whole lot less time consuming to use words to say- "You are really special to me" than it is to clean out the garage to convey the same message! So, I like to think that we words of affirmation people are really pretty easy to get along with! :)

  5. Ellie and Sonja, thanks for stopping by!

  6. Stopping by on my daily rounds to say hi again!