Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Maybe I am not making any sense?

Riding in the car today, AN4 is sharing one of her 4 year old narratives based on a story she has created in her mind and now believes to be reality.  I am going along with it. 

"Mommy, there is a man in the woods and he is cutting a tree."
"So, he is cutting the tree and someone walks by so he yells 'look out! the tree is falling!' "
So, I try to seize this educational moment, "Or he could just yell the word 'timber' which also means a tree is falling."
"What? No mommy, he yelled 'the tree is falling,' really, he did..." 

Its at this moment when I start to question whether or not 'timber' actually means what I think it does and whether it really matters.  Oh well, not every moment has to be a teaching moment!


  1. I am really laughing out loud. Aren't we moms neurotic about teaching moments?? I agree with you - sometimes you gotta just let it go!

  2. LOL...honestly, I think your thoughts are hilarious! HAHAHA! I go through the same sort of stuff :)

    Happy TTT!