Tuesday, June 7, 2011

AKC Labs on the way!

This is Kinsey, our first baby and
she is currently very, very pregnant! 

Kinsey was born in June of 2003, before we had any "real" children, she was the first addition in our family.  My husband took her to work with him, I let her sleep in my lap... oh yah, she had it good.  Now, she just gets a new kind of love from three small children who think Kinsey is the greatest thing God ever created!   

Kinsey is due to have her second litter of puppies next week!  We are so excited!  We breed her because she has been an amazing dog for us: gentle, protective, quickly obedient, and sweet as all can be.  Because she is now 8 years old and this is her last litter our family will be keeping one of the puppies as well!  We are all very excited for their arrival! But at this point, I think Kinsey is the MOST anxious for the puppies to arrive.  Poor-uncomfortable girl...

Can't wait to share puppy stories and pictures! 

Preparing Our Children for Puppy Birth!
We let our children watch this video in preparing them for what they might see as our dog goes into labor and the puppies are being born.  We didn't want them terrified in the middle of it all! Needles to say, we had lots of education conversation over this video!

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  1. Oh my gosh that's going to be so fun to have all those puppies! Can't wait to see pics.