Friday, June 3, 2011

The Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of Homeschooling: Who

A new homeschool blog hop HERE on Thursdays, upcoming topics are:

Who: Share about who you homeschool. Their ages, grades, and a little about their personalities.

What: What do you use in your homeschool. Curriculums, games, educational shows etc. 

When: What time of day, how many days a week, yearly schedules.

Where: What parts of your home do you use for school time. Please post pictures of where you school, and of your organization(shelves, boxes, etc.)

Why: Tell us all why you homeschool, and what led you to it.

How: Share what styles of homeschooling you incorporate, your daily schedule, and your favorite homeschooling books.

I am little behind, so I am catching up from last Thursday.  Stop by and join in on the fun!

Who we homeschool:

JB6 will soon be JB7 in the end of June.  She is finishing the 1st grade and will be going into the 2nd grade this fall at Our Family Forest Academy (our un-official homeschool name!).  JB6 is a extremely self-motivated and independent with her school work and has really been a joy to work with.  Words that best describe JB6: organized, a planner, loyal friend, forgiving, sensitive, a dancer, detailed oriented, decorative, and soft spoken.

JB6's favorites:

School subjects: Math and Bible
Colors: purple and pink
Book: The Box Car Children Series
Sport: Swimming and Basketball
Activity: Coloring, making cards and dance 
Game: Connect Four
TV Show: Wild Kratts on PBS
Movie: Kung Fu Panda

AN4 will be 5 this August. When people try to guess her age, we rarely hear anything under 6.  She is very tall, very fast, and very strong!  God has gifted her with great physical abilities.  She dribbles a basketball while walking around the house, without looking at her hands, and thinks that is normal for a 4 year old!  We dont tell her otherwise. AN4 loves art and music as well.  Words that describe AN4: Sweet, affectionate, energetic, friendly, hilarious, light-hearted, go-with-the-flow, resilient, and a daddy's girl.

AN4's favorites:  I am waiting to ask her to answer these for herself.  Since she is out with Daddy at the moment, will have to fill them in later!
Ok... Allie has her answers!
School subjects: Reading, Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons is her favorite.
Color: Pink 
Book: Clifford Books
Sport: Baseball (especially the Red Sox, she tells me)
Activity:  Art
Game: Wii Fit, "jogging with the kitty"
TV Show: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Movie: Barbie Swan Lake
...So glad that I didnt guess at her answers, it was fun to listen to hear think these things through!
JD1 is our 18 month old little man. He has been laid-back since he was in the womb.  He loves to follow his sisters around and laughs at their antics.  While he has brought fear into the hearts of his family with his bouts with serious food allergies and febrile seizures, his overwhelmingly joyous personality brings nothing but happiness to our home! Words that describe JD: silly, busy, car lover, farm lover, and a ball player!

JD1's favorites:
Book: Animal Sounds and 5 Little Monkeys
Songs: ABC's, My God is So Big, Head Shoulders Knees and Toes
Activity: Feeding the pigs tomatoes, throwing a ball back and forth with someone
Game: peek-a-boo
TV Show: Bob the Builder, Little Einsteins, Sesame Street
Movie: Cedar Mount Kids and Elmo movies

Now, onto "What!"


  1. Gorgeous, gifted children. You're lucky they let you teach them. My daughter would never have let me homeschool - when she was little she treated every instruction from me as an accusation.

  2. Thanks for joining in! Your kids are beautiful ;)

  3. What a cute family. I wish my baby was laid back. He's going to be a handful just like his brother.