Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Direck Link: Ask the President to Declare May 8-14th National Food Allergy Awarness Week

Help raise awareness of food allergies by promoting a National Food Allergy Awareness Week. This will be another effective step in keeping children with food allergies safe! 
The following is a direct link that provides a pre-written email that can be signed and sent to the President, asking him to declare May 8-14, 2011 Food Allergy Awareness Week.
In 2010, FAAW was recognized in a RECORD 37 STATES but has never been recognized at the national level.
  Thank you for helping to raise food allergy awareness!
Thank you for caring about children with food allergies! 


  1. Great idea! People should be more aware of these children's (people's) needs!

  2. so many people are just unaware... I had a friend almost poisoned by a well meaning server who had "never heard of anyone who was allergic to cranberries". Never the less, it would have been very painful for her if we hadn't spotted the strange color of her soda.