Sunday, March 13, 2011


So my husband and I took a little mini-vacation this weekend and went to the Maine State Homeschool Convention.  We had a blast! Between sickness and our little get away, blogging took a back seat this week.  But I am optimistic that we will be returning to "normal" very soon. 

Homeschool Convention 2011 Keynote Speakers:
Steve Demme and Mark Hamby
Special Guests for 2011:  Portland Symphony Orchestra String Quintet with Narrator Laura Harris and Composer Delvyn Chase presented Strings KinderKonzert: Lighthouse Keeper: The Story of Abbie Burgess.
Governor Paul LePage, who happens to be a strong advocate of homeschooling!

The thought that inspired me the most this weekend was when Steve Demme from "The Family that stays together, stays together," shared his daily prayer.  Paraphrasing of course, he basically said that his prayer as a parent is that God would allow him to see his children the way that God sees them.  He later added the importance of children understanding that they are loved and accepted unconditionally by their parents.

I hope to remember this prayer more often in my daily prayer life.

More to come...


  1. I missed that talk by Steve Demme. He inspired me by what he shared for family devotions. I'm planning to implement that asap.

  2. an important message for all parents!

  3. Lucky you! We desperately need a weekend away together - hoping soon!

  4. so sad that I missed this year! It sort of crept up on me and poor planning left me working this year instead of attending. I hope to go next year I truly love going it is very motivating for me. Glad you had fun

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