Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday's Fave Five

Friday: a time to remember things we are thankful for this week.

1. Thankful for The Berry Patch: First and foremost, I must say that blogging is an entirely new adventure for me.  I am SO abundantly thankful for my dear-dear friend at
for holding my hand through this learning process!  I have so enjoyed bonding with her over all of my mistakes and questions! She has been a blessing to me for years now, as she was a huge catalyst in helping our family begin down the homeschooling path as well.  These past few weeks, I am reminded of what a gem her friendship is!

The Berry Patch

2. Thankful for Christian Fellowship: I am thankful for the group of women that make up our Sunday school class.  We are finishing up Lysa Terkeurst's More than a Good Bible Study Girl and it has been such a blessing to me to have these women to study with, grow with, and share with.  I am also thankful for  Lysa's work.
Becoming More Than a Good Bible Study Girl

3. Thankful for Grandparents: Thankful for the relationship that my children have with their "Meme" and "Brahaw." Tonight our girls are having a sleepover at their home and it is such a blessing to know that they are having fun, that they are loved, and well cared for.  They will come home excited to go back! Meme is encouraging everyone today to "think spring."  I loved her pic of our family camp, so I am sharing it here.  We are all blessed to have Meme and Brahaw!

4. Thankful for perspective: Our youngest, JD1 has been down with a cold this week.  He has had a difficult time sleeping at night through the coughing and runny nose.  Last night, he slept until 4:00am.  Normally, I would be disappointed with such a short night, but last night but I was thrilled to sleep till 4:00 am!  Thanking God for the perspective!

5. Thankful for homeschooling:  I am so thankful that we have the opportunity to homeschool our children!  Homeschooling means that when there is a foot of fresh snow, we go outside and play in it and do our school work later.  I praise God for the quantity of time that we are able to spend with our children and the flexibility it gives us to enjoy life!


  1. great list! glad to "meet" you through the FFF...always a great way to reflect back on our week! happy weekend...

  2. Wow - I made #1 huh? Thanks. I'm thankful for you friendship. ;-)