Sunday, April 17, 2011

Les Matzarables

Well done Sesame Street!

JD is on day 7(ish) of chicken pox, or "chicken poppers" as AN calls them.  So, we decided it was best to keep him home from church this morning, just to be sure he was no longer contagious.  To his delight, he was able to pick a show to watch and he chose Sesame Street.  Normally his vote gets trumped by his older sisters who prefer more civilized shows such as Barbie, Word Girl and Horseland.

Granted today is Palm Sunday, but I was shocked to discover that today's episode of Sesame Street was entitled "Shalom Sesame."  In a day when religious tone can be considered "offensive" or "close minded," I have to admit that I was impressed with Sesame Street for continuing to air their 1988 episode, "It's Passover, Grover!"

JD listened as they talked about why the Jews left Egypt, what Passover is, and the significance of a Seder meal.  Kudos Sesame Street on embracing this controversial truth! You earned two thumbs up from this mama today.  Well done Sesame Street!

Welcome to Israel

Shalom Sesame-The Horseradish Hunt

Shalom Sesame - Jake Gyllenhaal and the Afikoman

Shalom Sesame- Les Matzarables


  1. Interesting . . . I never saw those episodes. Do they feature other religions as well?

  2. I have no idea! This was the first time I had seen this too.

  3. Sadly I have no one left at home who will watch SS with me. I'll have to watch it on my own. ;-)