Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Many are the plans… Part VII, Downtime and the Zoo


We opted to hang out at home with Grandma and relax.  The girls loved painting with Grandma!



Off to the zoo!  We headed out a cute little petting zoo in Maryland.  It was early in the season and we were the only family there!  The children had the zoo to themselves.  It was a very modest petting zoo but they did have bears, lemurs, lions, peacocks, and much more.  It was a great field trip!


JB6 Described this one as a cross between a rabbit and armadillo.  What do you think?

+ =

That night, we were invited to dinner at Keith and Rosanne’s and then it was off to Cole’s baseball practice.  And of course it wouldn’t be baseball season without ice cream after!  Cole was so proud of his uniform! 


  1. Lions and bears, oh my! (he he) Sounds like a great day!

  2. Fun! I'm curious as to what the white dog-like creature is? It seems like you had a very fun-filled and hopefully relaxing vacation - once everything settled down.

  3. HA HA , doesn't it look like they put the neighbor's dog in a cage?!?! Its called a white fox... but I have my doubts.