Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Many are the plans… Part VIII, The Final Friday


Our Final day at Grandma and Pop-Pop’s, the children enjoyed a quiet day at the house.  We prepared for our trip home by gathering and packing up our things.  The girls were particularly fond of the sunroom at Grandma’s and spent a good part of the morning hanging out there.



Later in the day Grandma took the girls around the nature trail to see the new flowers that were growing.  AN4 was impressed with the blood-root plant, “It really looks like blood” she told me.  JB6 still giggles about the plant that looked like a pair of pants!

A Special Treat for Mama

It worked out that I was able to visit with my college housemates while we were away.  After sharing a home for years and the experiences of college life, these ladies will always be very special to me!  I so very glad that we got to catch up in the midst of all of our busy lives (we do have 10 children between us), for a couple hours and a lot of laughs.  Was another favorite moment of our vacation.


While I was out to dinner, my husband took our children to a chorus concert (rehearsal) for the Mercersburg Area Chorus.  Grandma and Rosanne are both singing in the Mercersburg Area Chorus: GJEILO, No Coward Soul Is Mine.  The girls absolutely loved the music, the orchestra, and the chapel where they sang. 



  1. The concert sounds amazing! I love stuff like that. It's always fun to catch up with "old" friends. ;-)

  2. Lucky you! I never seem to get a chance to see my college roommates anymore, and they hold such a special place in my heart.