Friday, April 15, 2011

Many are the plans… Part IV, Family Cabin Weekend?

For months, the children look forward to family cabin weekend.  Grandma, Pop-Pop, all the cousins, aunts and uncles get together at the family cabin.  There are lots of games, stories, hikes, day trips, and tons of fun.

Taking our sick little guy further away from medical assistance did not seem wise, so we had to scratch the cabin from our family’s plans.  Fortunately, all the other families were willing to rearrange their plans as well!

Saturday, Rosanne Opens Her Home:

Last year Rosanne and her family moved into an old farm house.  To say that it needed renovations would be an understatement.  But she tackled it with determination and the finished product is amazing!  They have such a beautiful home!  And we were all so blessed to be invited to fill it on this day!


It was such a great day!  It may not have been the cabin, but the children seemed too involved in their fun to notice!  Between the trampoline, visiting the farm animals, painting fingernails and having fashion shows, there was plenty of excitement.

Sunday, Back to Grandma and Pop-Pop’s:

Today we celebrated Easter.  Dan provided a family devotion, Rosanne led worship music, Grandma provided additional music, Uncle Dave and Aunt Becky shared a children’s devotional using resurrection eggs.  Dave and Becky also planned the children’s craft… which was one of the highlights of the week for our girls!  They planted flower pots, wooden flowers, wooden crosses and more, was a super fun spring craft!  Later, the girls also played along with the BB gun target-hunting as well.  Everyone was certain that they made the best shot!

Later in the day, Grandma held her annual Easter egg hunt, only had 4 left behind this year!  Even JD was feeling well enough to participate in his very first Easter Egg Hunt!

Everyone was so considerate of JD’s peanut allergy.  JD got Goldfish in his eggs while all the bigger kids quickly took their candy to the vehicles to enjoy at home.  This gesture meant more to us than I think we were able to express. 

This was just the beginning of a really fantastic week…


  1. that is awesome how the children were so willing to delay their candy-eating!

  2. Looks like another fantastic day!