Saturday, April 16, 2011

Many are the plans… Part V, Bring on the Barn!

Of all the things that we did with the children while in PA, this was their favorite. 

Have you ever heard the story of how my husband and I met?  The short version is that he asked me to go milk cows with him for our first date.  Unusual to say the least, but it demonstrated a magnitude of character that has never ceased to disappoint, to this day.

Monday: Two Top Farms

We brought our children to the farm where my husband used to milk cows and where we had our first date.  Not only did the girls giggle at the story of how their mommy and daddy met, but they were also absolutely enamored with the farm itself!

“Can we stay longer?”
“Can we come back tomorrow?”
“Can we go look at that?”
“Mommy look over here!”

It was just a flood of excitement!

Shanna showed the girls around.  JB6 had a lot of questions about how the milking process works, she was very interested!  Shanna was so sweet and answered all her questions with a smile. JB6 even laughed when she got sprayed with a little bit of manure!  AN4 wanted to see the big milk tank where all the milk was held, which Chet gladly showed her.  JD did NOT want to get back in the car to leave.  Turns out, all three of our children LOVE farms.

It’s safe to say that this was one of my favorite days too.  What a blessing it is to re-live the small joys of life through the eyes of our children.  It truly is a gift!


  1. We stopped just yesterday to 'talk' to some sheep... farms are so fun! At least if you don't have to work on them ;)

  2. So fun! I love the girls shirts. ;-)