Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Many are the plans… Part III, Time for Some Fun.

Thursday: First official day at Grandma’s:

The girls were not the least disappointed that our hotel plans changed.  They were thrilled to wake up at Grandma and Pop-Pop’s!  Grandma did not waste any time finding fun things to do!  Easter Egg painting was the first fun activity!

Friday at Grandma’s, still laying low:

James continued to battle a fever, so we stayed close to home.  The girl’s didn’t mind at all!  The day was filled with baking, basketball, tree climbing, bike riding, book reading, marble rollers, cousins, block-head game and more!

The weekend was supposed to be a couple of days of camping with all of the cousins, up at the family cabin.  The plans had to change a little but it all worked out just fine…


  1. The kids are so lucky to have a fun Grandma that takes an interest in entertaining them!

  2. It looks like everyone had a great time! I love the last photo I saw of your hubby & A4 building - both heads cocked to the side at the same angle. ;-)