Sunday, April 17, 2011

Many are the plans… Part VI, To the National Aquarium

Our Family in Washington, DC


Tuesday: JD’s first day with no fever!

Together with Uncle Keith, Aunt Rosanne, and Cole, our family took the train into DC to visit the National Aquarium.  It was the children's first ride on a train, their first time in DC and their first time at the aquarium.  They were mesmerized by so many things that day!

And then they all crashed hard.  Chalk up another memorable day for our family!


Sunday Snapshot


  1. The aquarium is always a great trip for kids! Mine love to watch the walruses!

  2. So here is my disclaimer about the National Aquarium... there were no walruses, nor were there dolphins, or seals. Basically if it didnt fit in a 4x4 tank in their one-floor-basement display room, it wasn't there. A little disappointing. The children didn't notice the difference but as a parent, I would definitely recommend trying a different aquarium!

  3. I agree with your comment about the National Aquarium. I think my daughter was 2.5 when we went, so that was ok. I remember it being small and dark. Still, riding the train into DC for a family adventure is so fun!

  4. I really hope to take the boys to DC some day. I went the summer before I met my hubby. It was fascinating then, but I'd love to share it with all of them! What a FUN vacation!!!! ;-) And definitely memorable with all that went on.

  5. Looks like they had a great time! :)